10 DESIGN | Al Seef
10 DESIGN | Al Seef
10 DESIGN | Al Seef
10 DESIGN | Al Seef
10 DESIGN | Al Seef
10 DESIGN | Al Seef
10 DESIGN | Al Seef
10 DESIGN | Al Seef
10 DESIGN | Al Seef
10 DESIGN | Al Seef
10 DESIGN | Al Seef
10 DESIGN | Al Seef
10 DESIGN | Al Seef
10 DESIGN | Al Seef

Al Seef

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Al Seef, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Lead Design Architect
Lead Consultant / Architect of Record / Structure Engineer / MEP
W.S. Atkins & Partners Overseas
Marine Engineer
Landscape Architect and Landscape Lighting Designer
Signage and Way Finding Designer
Genius Loci
Project Management Consultant
Hotel Kitchens Designer
Façade Engineer
Cost Management Consultant
Façade and Interior Lighting Designer
Interior Designer
Studio HBA
Fire Safety Engineer

10 DESIGN Has Re-energised the Creek in Dubai – The Contemporary Area of Al Seef

Al Seef, a new destination offering retail, dining, and hospitality experiences, has been open recently. The development has attracted two hotels under the Zabeel House by Jumeirah brand, opening Spring 2018.

Dubai-based Holding Company, Meraas, is committed to enrich Dubai’s tourism industry by rejuvenating Dubai Creek into a new tourism destination – Al Seef.

10 DESIGN is the Design Architect for the Contemporary District of Al Seef, leading the project from concept design all the way through to construction supervision.

The contemporary area spans around 670m of the Dubai Creek waterfront with retail, F&B, hospitality, marina amenities and parking covering over a total of 85,000m2.

Led by Gordon Affleck (Design Partner) and Paul Rodgers (Design Director), 10 DESIGN’s scheme has broken down the retail and F&B amenities into a series of standalone pavilions fronting along the shores of Dubai Creek. The pavilions fully open out onto the promenade, blurring the distinction between internal and external spaces, providing the canvas for exciting, active, and bustling retail and hospitality concepts.

To complete a holistic lifestyle offer, Al Seef accommodates 2 hotels by Jumeirah: a 150-key Zabeel House Mini (recently opened) and a 200-key Zabeel House (coming soon). Extending from the hotels is the creation of separate F&B water pavilions that spill out and into the creek, stepping across a terraced, cascading landscape for a distinctive take on waterfront dining opportunities.


Gordon Affleck Design Partner
Paul Rodgers Design Director

Architectural Team 1 Chris Jones, Kishor Lad, Eugene de Villers, Phil Gray, Collin Foster, Jon Derrin, Javier Manon, Alessandr Varonier, Almudena Lacruz, Jose Castenada, Nick Cunningham, Thomas Oderico, Riccardo Ferrari, David Hill

Architectural Team 2 Ross Milne, Miriam Auyeung, Sonja Stoffels, Vincent Fung, Daniel Wang, Gwyneth Choi, Bryan Diehl, Yan Liu, Yushan Wu, Adam Wang, Neil Samson, Dan Narita

CGI Team Peter Alsterholm, Jon Martin, Yasser Salomon, David Guardado

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