P.GOOD Praschl-Goodarzi Architekten ZT GmbH

Post Quadrat Graz

Graz, Austria, 2020

Das neue Wohnviertel „Alte Poststraße / Feldgasse“ entsteht in einer Umgebung von Einfamilienhäusern, hat eine perfekte Verkehrsanbindung...

Aufzugswerke Schmitt + Sohn GmbH & Co. KG

Zeitlose Werte in geschichtsträchtiger…

Josefov, Czech Republic, 2019

Das berühmteste Konzert- und Galeriehaus der Tschechischen Republik. Gerundete Fassaden. Heller Sandstein. 1876 bis 1884 im Auftrag der b...

BEHF Architects

Apartment H.

Vienna, Austria, 2019

Imperial Grandeur BEHF Architects has transformed the interior of a historical bel étage apartment from the Gründerzeit era located in t...

Lindner Group

The Fontenay

Hamburg, Germany, 2018

Formvollendete Eleganz Das Luxushotel "The Fontenay" erstrahlt in weißer, schwungvoller Keramik-Glas-Fassade. Ganz im Sinne von hanseat...

AS+P Albert Speer + Partner

South Hessen Regional Development Concept

Darmstadt, Germany, 2018

In order to prepare the restructuring of the regional plan in terms of content, AS+P was tasked with drawing up an informal Regional Deve...

Melk Nigg Architects

Siedlung Tschampani in Sins, Aargau

Switzerland, 2020

Siedlung Tschampani Sins Aargau, Schweiz Leistungen Melk Nigg Architects Vorstudien Sondernutzungsplan / Gestaltungsplan Architekturleis...

AS+P Albert Speer + Partner

Riverside Mid-North Region Yangpu District

China, 2017

"Yangpu Riverside Mid-North Region", located upon the Huangpu River about 9 km northeast of the famous Lujiazui peninsula, is one of Shan...

AS+P Albert Speer + Partner

Integrated planning Badya City

Cairo, Egypt, 2016

The mixed-use development Badya City is part of the 6th of October City and is situated 30 kilometres west of Central Cairo within its st...

Akasaka Shinichiro Atelier

Curved Wall House

北海道札幌市, Japan, 2018

This house is located near a historical park in the city of Sapporo. It is one of the regional characteristics of Sapporo that people oft...


Musée des Confluences

Lyon, France, 2014

Eine Wolke des Wissens Das Bekannte der Gegenwart trifft auf das zu Erforschende der Zukunft: Das Musée des Confluences in Lyon möchte d...

Urbanism Planning Architecture Italia


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 2014

Mangrove Place is a tower residential complex built on Reem Island, new development of the City of Abu Dhabi. The step terraced developme...

Urbanism Planning Architecture Italia


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Al Lisaili in Dubai is the first public school developed in BIM - Building Information Modeling - by MOID, the Ministry of Infrastructu...

Urbanism Planning Architecture Italia


Masfout, United Arab Emirates, 2014

Masfout hospital is first 30 bed general hospital prototype built in the Emirates of Ajman for the Ministry of Public Works. Preliminary ...

Urbanism Planning Architecture Italia


Al Qasim , Iraq

The New Campus designed is located close to Al Qasim, in the Babil province of Iraq. The program of the newly established University shal...

AS+P Albert Speer + Partner

Feasibility Study Utilization Concept for…

Frankfurt / Main, Germany, 2019

Frankfurt Airport’s Terminal 3 is scheduled to open in 2023. This will give rise to increased capacities in the number of gates available...

AS+P Albert Speer + Partner

DZ Bank, Pavillon Cityhaus II

Frankfurt / Main, Germany, 2013

The project is based on a feasibility study for an expansion of the Cityhaus II, which AS+P completed in 2012. The four-story pavilion ...

AS+P Albert Speer + Partner

New Premises European Central Bank

Frankfurt / Main, Germany, 2003

In 2014, the new ECB building on the heritage site of the former Grossmarkthalle, the wholesale fruit and vegetable market, in Frankfurt ...

AS+P Albert Speer + Partner

Hotel in the Hafenpark district

Frankfurt / Main, Germany, 2018

In Frankfurt's Ostend, the B&L Group is developing the Hafenpark district on the basis of the urban planning concept devised by AS+P....

iam interior architects munich

Apartment am Englischen Garten

München, Germany, 2020

Das von iam sanierte Apartment am Englischen Garten ist Teil eines Mehrfamilienhauses der 60er Jahren. Der Grundriss wurde den Anforderun...

AS+P Albert Speer + Partner

Refurbishment of a residential building at…

Munich, Germany, 2013

The residential building, which dates from 1965, is located to the northwest of downtown Munich in the Moosach district and comprises two...


10 Design | Wuhan Baozixi Park

Wuhan, China, 2020

The new public space by COFCO is created to connect the adjacent mixed use development of Joy City with Baozixi Park in Wuhan, China. Act...


10 Design | China-Israel Industrial and…

Zhuhai, China, 2021

The Industrial and Creative Centre is a joint development between China and Israel to stimulate future thinking by providing incubator of...

Roland Baldi Architects

Kindergarden Sluderno

Sluderno, Italy, 2018

Child-friendly and sustainable: with Sluderno Kindergarten, Roland Baldi Architects has created a wooden building with a pitched roof, pl...

Urbanism Planning Architecture Italia


Amman, Jordan

The project includes apartments, luxury residence, restaurant, mall, gym and underground parking, for a total of 28.000 square meters. Th...

Roland Baldi Architects

italia&amore Ristorante Mercato Enoteca

Bolzano, Italy, 2017

The restoration work involved the entire building with the flagship store extending over five floors.Each floor featuring a different atm...

Roland Baldi Architects

Lunch room EURAC

Bolzano, Italy, 2017

The Pompeiian red Auditorium, part of the original building complex, has the shape of an oval cylinder and is topped with a dome which re...

Roland Baldi Architects

Fire station of the voluntary fire department…

Fleres, Italy, 2015

With its striking monolithic façade, characterised by clear and modern design and a deliberate selection of stone, glass and aluminum, th...

Roland Baldi Architects

District Heating Plant Klausen

Klausen, Italy, 2007

The district heating plant is located at the edge of Chiusa, on the site of Val Gardena’s former railway station, between motorway, main ...

Roland Baldi Architects

Cultural Center Rosenbach Bolzano

Bolzano, Italy, 2011

The Cultural Centre is composed of two intersecting areas distinguished both by form and material. A transparent space housing the distri...

Roland Baldi Architects

Angela Nikoletti Square

Bolzano, Italy, 2011

Angela Nikoletti Square is located in the centre of the Rosenbach district and consists of a technical school for social professions, cul...

Roland Baldi Architects

Ropeway Merano 2000

Meran, Italy, 2010

The cable car infrastructure is situated on the margins of Merano and connects the city with the nearby skiing Area of Merano 2000. Auton...

Roland Baldi Architects

Headquarter TechnoAlpin

Bolzano, Italy, 2010

The particularity of the building lies in its facade: the uniform envelope with its opalescent and crystalline shine is reminiscent of sn...

AS+P Albert Speer + Partner

Residential Development Adickesallee

Frankfurt / Main, Germany, 2014

At Adickesallee 40, Frankfurt, on the site of the former Ministry of Agriculture, AS+P, on behalf of ABG FRANKFURT HOLDING, is designing ...

AS+P Albert Speer + Partner

Hafenpark Quarter Building Site East

Frankfurt / Main, Germany, 2014

A new quarter is under construction at the "Honsell Triangle" in the east of Frankfurt. The "Baufeld Ost" construction plot, where there ...

AS+P Albert Speer + Partner

New Eintracht Frankfurt Fussball AG club…

Frankfurt / Main, Germany, 2017

Designed by AS+P, the new home for the Eintracht Frankfurt professional players will be built on the site to the southeast of the Commerz...

COMA Arquitectura


Barcelona, Spain, 2012

Refurbishment of an apartment for short stays and terrace renovation. High standard finishes.

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