Foster + Partners 360˚ Views

John Hill
3. March 2021
Willis Building, Ipswich, 1975 (Photo: Screenshot)

Foster + Partners has released a website with immersive tours of the exteriors and interiors of 22 of the firm's UK projects, from the 1966 Creek Vean House to the 2017 headquarters for Bloomberg.

The 360˚ tours begin with a visit to the Riverside Studio of Foster + Partners, completed in 1990. Arrows at the side reveal additional views of the office, while at the bottom are buttons with brief information on the project and a timeline that allows for navigation to the other 21 projects. The interface is very intuitive and the immersive views are beautifully done. One standout is the latest project, Bloomberg, where the views feature moving figures and sometimes a moving camera, all the while allowing click-and-drag views around the spaces.

Bloomberg, London, 2017 (Photo: Screenshot)
Visit the UK tour of Foster + Partners 360˚ views here.

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