renowned – Roche Production Kaiseraugst

Kaiseraugst, Switzerland, 2019

New production and office building for Roche, Kaiseraugst

visionary – Competition National Concert Hall…

Vilnius, Lithuania, 2019

Competition National Concert Hall, Vilnius

interdisciplinary – Rehabilitation clinic…

Bellikon, Switzerland, 2018

Conversion and extension rehabilitation clinic, Bellikon

international – Swiss Embassy Seoul, South…

Seoul, South Korea, 2018

New Swiss Embassy building, Seoul, South Korea

tailored – Mall of Switzerland Ebikon

Ebikon, Switzerland, 2017

New Mall of Switzerland, shopping and leisure center, Ebikon

innovative – Office and Hotel Grosspeter Tower…

Basel, Switzerland, 2017

New office and hotel building Grosspeter Tower, Basel

holistic – Pavilion St. Johanns-Park Basel

Basel, Switzerland, 2012

New Pavilion St. Johanns Park, Basel

complex – Terminal B Zurich Airport

Kloten, Switzerland, 2011

Conversion Terminal B Zurich Airport

sustainable – MFO-Park Zurich

Zürich, Switzerland, 2002

New MFO-Park Zurich