Berlin, Germany, 2020

Brücke Baakenhafen Mitte

Hamburg, Germany, 2019

U4-Haltestelle Elbbrücken

Hamburg, Germany, 2018

Stadionpark Krasnodar

Krasnodar, Russia, 2017

Kulturpalast Dresden

Dresden, Germany, 2017

Documentation Centre for the History of…

Munich, Germany, 2015

The Munich Documentation Centre for the history of National Socialism is a memorial place and a place for learning, whose architecture is...


Trier, Germany, 2014

Built in 1241, the „Löwen-Apotheke“ in Trier is the oldest pharmacy in Germany and is protected as a historic monument. The stuccoed ceil...

Neues Hans-Sachs-Haus

Gelsenkirchen, Germany, 2013

Museum Island Berlin – Sub-Project Bode-Museum

Berlin, Germany, 2012

Opened in 1904, the Bode-Museum is situated at the northern tip of the Museum Island in downtown Berlin. Its façade is situated directly ...

Frankfurt Airport - Extension A-West

Frankfurt, Germany, 2012

Airports convey the first and the last impression of a city. The special usage of channelling great crowds of people within a very short ...

Grand Theatre Tianjin

Tianjin, China, 2012

The façade of the Grad Theatre Tianjin is characterized by a multi-tiered roof construction, which is illuminated by both an integrated o...

National Museum of China - New Building

Beijing, China, 2011

The National Museum of China, which was renovated and enlarged from 2007 to 2011, has now a building capacity of up to 30.000 visitors pe...

Conversion of Olympic Stadium Kiev

Kiew, Ukraine, 2011

A clear total impression is significant for the exterior effect of the stadium. The shell-shaped grandstands form the core element. There...

Jordan Pharmacy – Central Office

Erlangen, Germany, 2011

The Jordan Pharmacy in Erlangen, Germany, is a bright and spacious pharmacy distinguished by clear structures and a dynamic furniture arr...

Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center

Shenzhen, China, 2011

Being designed for the 26th Summer World University Games in 2011, the Universiade Sports Center in Shenzhen, China, is a building comple...

Fürth Townhall with Coal Market

Fürth, Germany, 2010

Due to its architecture and volume, the old town hall with its campanile represents the heart of the coal market. Especially the conspicu...

Museum Island – Sub-Project Colonnades Courtyard

Berlin, Germany, 2010

Being an UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Museum Island in central Berlin consists of several museums (amongst others the Old National Gal...

Moses Mabhida Stadium

Durban, South Africa, 2009

The main idea of the lighting design is a clarity in light distribution, with conceptional focus on tree areas: 1. the membrane roof a...

Zhongguancun Cultural Center

Peking, China, 2006

Central Station Berlin

Berlin, Germany, 2006

The main idea of the lighting design for the central station is to create a pleasant, bright and welcoming atmosphere that avoids monoton...

Fashion Museum at Ludwigsburg Residential Palace

Ludwigsburg, Germany, 2004

As textiles belong to the most radiation-sensitive objects, the permitted level of illumination on exhibits is limited to only 50lx. For ...

Olympic Stadium

Berlin, Germany, 2004

The jury of “Licht und Architektur Preis 2005” praised the synthesis of architecture and light, making the stadium and its new roofing ap...

Tempodrom (and Liquidrom)

Berlin, Germany, 2001

Taken by itself, the polygonal spire does already have a three-dimensional quality, owing to the interaction of light and shadow. The roo...