Fernanda Marques

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After graduating in Architecture and Urbanism at University of São Paulo 1988; Fernanda Marques started her career as a trainee in one of Brazil’s most recognised architects’ firms, Aflallo & Gasperini.

 Loyal to her multidisciplinary approach, in 1995 she started her own firm to handle residential, corporate and commercial projects, as well as interior design: always in a distinctive, contemporary style.

 Many of her works, such as the Polonia House and Hanadoki Restaurant have been awarded prizes in Brazil. Another important feature in the field of residential projects, due to its extremely challenging brief, the Laranjeiras House, one of her most recent works, is also remarkable.

Known for her attentiveness to the details, contemporary lines and minimalistic forms, the main goal of her work is to meet the customer’s needs, always taking a step forward in terms of innovation. What does make her architecture really unique? Commitment to quality in design and accuracy in construction.