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The HOK London office opened in 1987 and has become one of the largest architectural and interior design firms in EMEA with emphasis on work in the public, commercial and corporate markets. To better meet our clients’ needs, within EMEA and London in particular, we have organised HOK into groups of market-based specialists. Our experience has demonstrated that increased collaboration among a ‘brains trust’ of market experts leads directly to increased innovation and better projects.

HOK has core specialist skills to meet the needs of principal local markets , undertaking a range of projects including hospitals, universities, airports, government offices, hospitality & leisure, commercial developments and corporate interiors.

The sheer range of the practice’s work in London, from office buildings at Canary Wharf to restoration and refurbishment work on virtually every government building in Whitehall, the reconstruction of two of the capital’s largest hospitals, an extension to the Natural History Museum, and even a church in leafy Dulwich, reflects the degree to which HOK has become rooted in one of most dynamic cities in Europe.

Making Ideas Work

At HOK we focus on clients’ objectives by creative and collaborative problem solving. In designing functional and beautiful environments there is no set solution, no single style or signature.  Our designs respond to their surroundings. We explore the social, cultural and aesthetic context of each project so that every aspect of the architecture is informed by a deep understanding.  To achieve this depends upon creating genuine partnerships between all those with an interest in the project: clients, users, constructors and designers. We see this as a process of collaborative learning with every contribution valued equally, where every member takes away valuable insights that will not only inform their work in the present but also widen their experience and understanding in the future.

We recognise within this process the inevitable tension between individual and shared visions, between the need to champion one’s own values and the need to arrive at consensus. But we also understand from our experience the power of collective thought and action that comes from collaboration.

Our practice works in a spirit of openness and with a minimum of hierarchy, but we recognise the importance of clear lines of communication and responsibility. We also understand that the ultimate success of our work relies on the consistent involvement of key individuals who will champion the project throughout its life.

We Create. We Inspire. We Connect. We Care.

HOK creates exceptional environments that meet the world’s most complex planning and design challenges. Powerful, aspirational ideas guide our solutions. Our work inspires people while shaping the future. HOK projects transcend their initial purposes to express timeless cultural, organisational and personal values.

HOK focus on clients’ objectives in designing exciting environments, there is no set solution, no single style or signature. HOK has the expertise and experience to manage the total planning, design and construction process. We are committed to excellence in design, using modern problem-solving techniques.  HOK has a distinctive process-driven and customer-focused approach to projects, based on a clear understanding of the commercial pressures facing major organisations.

Our ability to connect across markets and disciplines in every part of the world allows us to see the “big picture” and, because we approach design from so many different perspectives, gives us an unparalleled ability to innovate. We collaborate with clients and colleagues to create wonderful spaces linking people and place. Our ideas emerge from the intersection of many active minds with vibrant imaginations.

We care deeply about the human experience. Our people understand that HOK’s work has a profound influence on the world, therefore we use design to protect our natural environment and enrich lives.

Philisophy and Approach

HOK people are committed to creating environments that make a profoundly positive impact on people’s lives.  Each HOK project is approached individually, without preconceptions, and designed to serve the unique needs and aspirations of the specific client and its surrounding community.

The firm’s flexible work processes and advanced technology equip us to effectively deliver projects of any size, scale or location. Our diverse talent and highly collaborative culture enables us to assemble teams with specialised expertise from throughout the HOK office network.

We embrace our unique responsibility as one of the world’s most influential design firms to advance sustainable design awareness, proficiency and innovation for every building type, geographic region and budget level.

By developing solutions to enhance aesthetic goals while limiting resource consumption, improving building performance and promoting occupant health and productivity, HOK is leading the way to an increasingly sustainable future.


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