MNM Housing

Udine, Italy, Italy
Photo © Massimo Crivellari
Photo © Massimo Crivellari
Photo © Massimo Crivellari
Photo © Massimo Crivellari
Photo © Massimo Crivellari
Photo © Massimo Crivellari
Photo © Massimo Crivellari
GEZA - Gri e Zucchi Architettura
Via Francesco di Manzano, 33100, Udine, Italy, Italy
5-20 Stories

Found in a residential area now under development, the seven-storey building is rigorously designed and features four identical modular facades to confer unity and order to a chaotic and unarticulated  neighbourhood. All fronts, with balconies from ground to top floor, make a continuous filter between indoor and outdoor space.

The same rigour applies to the plan of the standard floor where, because the staircase is located asymmetrically at the centre, the different types of flats get totally flexible and prone to be assembled together without needing to alter the modularity of installations and structures.

On the other hand, the connection to the ground of the see-through glazed office floor creates different relations with the site plan, and with pedestrian, cycle and vehicle access ways.

Heating and power installations are partly centralized and sized so as to maximize efficiency. To this aim, the latest energy-saving technology was used, in compliance with the forthcoming standards on economy of resources.

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